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~Professional~ Growth Classes (Nathan H. Hillery)
(heard it, smirk)


200	Creative Suffering
200B	Overcoming Peace of Mind
315	Guilt Without Sex
314	You and Your Birthmark
318	The Primal Shrug
310	Ego Gratification Through Violence
307	Molding Your Child's Behavior Through
	  Guilt and Fear
309	Dealing With Post-Realization Depression
311	Whine Your Way to Alienation
313	How to Overcome Self-Doubt
	  Through Pretense and Ostentation
104	"I Made $100 in Real Estate"
104B	Money Can Make You Rich
307B	Packaging and Selling Your Child 
104C	Career Opportunities in El Salvadore
105	How to Profit from Your Own Body
104D	The Under-Achiever's Guide to 
	  Very Small Business Opportunities
104E	Tax Shelters for the Indigent
100	A Looter's Guide to American Cities
406	How You Can Convert Your Den Into A Garage
407	Burglarproof Your Home with Concrete
316	1000 Other Uses for Vacuum Cleaners 
408	How to Convert a Wheelchair into
	  a Dune Buggy
203B	Creative Tooth Decay
ES-1	Tapdance Your Way to Social Ridicule
204	The Joys of Hypochondria  
205	High-Fiber Sex  
206	Suicide and Your Health
207	Understanding Nudity
208	Skate Yourself to Regularity
209	Optional Body Functions
101B	Self-Actualization Through Macrame
101C	Needlecraft for Junkies
101D	Cuticle Crafts
101E	Gifts for the Senile
101F	Bonsai Your Pet
101G	How to Draw Genitalia
101H	Cultivating Viruses in Your Refrigerator
102	Sinus Drainage at Home
103	Basic Kitchen Taxidermy
404	The Repair and Maintenance of Your
405	Western Christianity and the Art
	  of R.V. Repair

It might help to be punchy when reading these......

Special thanks to vic for typing these in.  May she always look 14.
-Nathan H. Hillery

[There are a lot of variants of these, too.  If somebody wants to
be the collector of them, try rec.humor ]

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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