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Hooray for Hollywood

mgb@revolver.UUCP (Mike Burtz)
(sexual, smirk)

Credit for this one goes to Whoopi Goldberg.

It is interesting how for several years, many people who developed
AIDS or ARC received no help from the Federal Government. But suddenly,
funds have started to trickle down. Here is one possible explanation.

	A couple of years ago, AIDS was not a major issue.  AIDS and
ARC were confined strictly to the male-homosexual community, and the
most Americans were not overly concerned.  But then, suddenly, Rock
Hudson died. Of AIDS.  Ron and Nancy are sitting in their living room
watching the news, when all is revealed. Ron and Nancy are SHOCKED!
How could this happen?  Rock was very popular in Hollywood!  Everyone
loved and respected him!

	As Ron and Nancy climb into bed:

Nancy:	Ron, I hate to tell you this.... but back when we were in 
	Hollywood, Rock and I were having an affair.  We would meet
	once a week and he would screw my brains out.

Ron:	Me too, Nancy. Me too. 

Michael Burtz

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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