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It never happened

rap@ardent.UUCP (Rob Peck)
Dana Computer, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
(original, smirk, gross)

{ed  A somewhat long, mildly amusing, "what might have been" story. }

Nightmare on Pine Street

It has been a very good morning so far.  I'm driving along in
medium traffic, listening to the morning DJ and he is really
clicking with my own tastes in music.  In between the songs,
he plays a few comedy bits that really have me in stitches.

As I tool along, enjoying the ride, unknown to me there is
a stunningly beautiful blonde in a red Mustang convertible
who has been sort of shadowing me for the past 5 miles or so
in traffic.  She just broke up with her stockbroker boyfriend
after 2 years because she finally realized he'd never leave his
wife after all and she is in the mood for something different.

She's noticed this guy in that car, and thinks he might be
interesting.  "Hmmm, not bad looking it seems.  And how he's
enjoying the ride.  And he must have a good sense of humor
too.  But he's actually somewhat oblivious to traffic and
hasn't really noticed me yet."

She finally decides that at the next traffic light, she's
gonna toot the horn, just to get his attention.  And she
is preparing to smile and wink - ya know, one of those
you-gotta-notice-this smiles where just as your eyes meet,
the smile begins and you just know that your gaze is what
brought on the smile (heart goes pitty pat and everything).
Then, if all goes according to plan, when she pulls into 
the shopping center, maybe he will too... they can sort of 
meet, and talk and who knows what next.


As the cars approach the light, I get an itch.  I absent
mindedly reach up to scratch it.  I hear a horn toot and
turn to look - with my finger up my nostril.  The red
Mustang next to me takes off like a shot and above the
sound of screeching tires I hear "....eeeeee----yyyukk"
trailing off into the distance.

Rob Peck

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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