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Another fine myth (lloyd allison)
(doubt it, racist)

[ I'm not thrilled with this joke, but I thought I would enter it as
  one of the first contributions from the land of OZ. ]

An old Guarani Indian (South American) joke told to Tristan Jones by
an old Indian pie-seller and retold by him
in his book 'The Incredible Voyage'  ISBN 0-586-06058-8 (a marvellous book)

Isarki was a fidgety, unsettled youth, never satisfied with his lot.
One day while wandering around the forest, he met an old Indian witch.
a medicine woman, a very powerful figure in pre-Spanish Paraguay.
Isarki was a treacherous lad and therefore admired the jaguar, who was
even more treacherous. He asked the witch to change him into a yaguarete,
which is what the Guaranis call a man who turned into a tiger. The old
witch did his bidding and for many weeks Isarki terrorized the forest,
until one day a fox outwitted him. Back he went to the witch and asked
her to turn him into a fox, because the fox was even more cunning than
the jaguar; again she complied with the wish. As a fox Isarki roamed
the settlements killing all the fowls until one day he met a snake,
which slithered from his grasp. Back to the witch he went to become
a snake. As a snake he was stung by a wasp. As a wasp he stung a man who
was stealing his honey; the sting of course remained in the man's flesh
and the wasp died. Isarki returned to human form, as a spirit must do
when living in an animal body. Sadly he went back to the witch and
asked her to make him into an animal more ferocious than a tiger, more
cunning than a fox, more loathsome and deceitful than a snake, more
vicious than a wasp.
So the witch changed Isarki into a Spaniard!

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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