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A REAL retirement party

watmath!linus!xait!svh (Susan Hammond)

Don't blame me for this, I got it from Donna Eaton on CCA's internal joke list.


A little known bit of trivia: the name of the mailman on 'Father Knows
Best' was Tom.
Tom was retiring after 20 years of faithful service.  Since it was his
last day on the route, it was not unusual for his customers to present
him with small tokens of appreciation.  The biggest surprise was
Margaret Anderson who opened the front door wearing only a sheer pink
nightie.  Before he could say a word, she led him upstairs and
did unspeakably wonderful things to him in bed.  She then led him
downstairs and sat him down to a cup of coffee.
As he rose to leave, she said, 'Wait, look under your saucer!'
There was a dollar bill.  Very confused, Tom finally asked, 'WHY?'
'Well', said Margaret, 'this morning I asked Mr. Anderson what to
give you since it was your last day on the job, and he said "Fuck him.
Give him a cup of coffee and a dollar"'.

Susan Hammond/CCA

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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