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watmath!linus!xait!harvard!uwvax!ames!pbhya.PacBell.COM!ars (Andy Soravilla)
Pacific * Bell, San Ramon, CA

This fellow is driving his brand new cadillac somewhere back in the boondocks
(wherever you want). He stops for breakfast at a small diner off the road.
As he is being seated, the waitress asks him if that is his car outside?
He answers "Yes, it's a new Cadillac. It's got power windows, doorloocks,
mirrors, trunk release, and sun roof. It's also got an AM/FM stereo, with 
12 speakers, cd player, and tape deck. It's got everything." The waitress is
very impressed saying "Wow, Iv'e never seen anything like that."

The guy orders breakfast and eats. When he gets the check he goes to 
register to pay. As he is reaching into his pocket for some change, he also
pulls out some golf tees with the coins. The waitress asks him " what are
those things?" He says " Thats where I put my balls while driving." She 
gasps and says "Jesus, Those Cadillac people think of everything."



(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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