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Nasty weather

lukas@ihlpf.ATT.COM (Lukas)
AT&T Bell Laboratories
(chuckle, swearing, sexual)

A drunk (D) is leaning against a lightpost on the corner of a busy street. Whilst gazing blearily around, he notices a smartly dressed young man (YM) standing a few feet away, watching the people pass by. As D is watching, a lovely lady comes walking along, and the YM says something to her. She immediately smiles, shakes her head, and takes his hand. The two of them together go up the stairs of a nearby row house, and inside.

A short while later, the two come back down the stairs, grinning from ear to ear. They embrace affectionately, and the lady departs.

This happens several times in the next few hours with different ladies. Once the lady frowned, and after some further words from YM, merely nodded her head and walked on. The drunk strained his ears to hear what was being said, but just couldn't make it out. Finally, his curiosity overcame his need for vertical support, and he stumbled over to the young man.

D: Shay, bud. Wha' goin on?

YM: Yes, I saw you watching. I wondered when you would come over. Well, it's like this. I watch the people. When I see a lady that takes my fancy, I walk up to her and say, softly, "Tickle your ass with a feather?" If she is agreeable to the idea, we go upstairs to my room, and have a good time. If she becomes upset, I merely say, "Typical nasty weather." She assumes that she misheard me the first time, and just keeps going. I can't loose!

D: (now swaying) Thas a grate idea! Ill have to run home and try it mysel.

So the drunk wobbles to his own home and stands leaning against the fence. Soon a very lovely lady comes (VLL) walking briskly along, and the drunk decides that this is his CHANCE. So he stumbles over to the lady and grabs her arm.

VLL: Yes?



D: (looking at the sky) Fuckin rain!

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