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Hey Jack

watmath!uunet!ut-sally!ut-ngp!poole (Steve Poole)
(maybe, pun)

I created this pun for the 1987 O'Henry Punoff in Austin.

There was this man studying to be a Baptist preacher in the
Southern Baptist Seminary.  His final exams were coming up.
He had been studying very hard, and he was very nervous about 
the exams.  Because of this, he had not been in a very a good 
mood for a while, and had been grumpy and surly with his family.  

On this particular day, the man was studying at home.  He had
told his young son Jack to be at home by 6pm.  Well, Jack
gets home a few minutes after six.  As soon as Jack walks in
the door, his father yells at him in his big booming
preacher voice, "Hey Jack, you're late son!"  Jack runs crying
to his Mother, and tells her what happened.  She says, "Now 
Jack, your Father shouldn't have yelled at you like that.  You
were only a few minutes late.  You see, you're father has been
under a lot of stress lately because of his final exams to
become a minister.  You see Jack, your Father is suffering
from pre-ministerial syndrome, and that's what caused his
premature 'Hey Jack, you're late son'."

Steve Poole  
Center for Space Research ; University of Texas ; Austin, TX 78712
UUCP: {ames,angband,exodus,harvard,mordor,seismo,topaz}!ut-sally!ut-ngp!poole

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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