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Genie Joke

(heard it, laugh)

This guy was out playing his weekly round of golf when he hit a shot into the trap off the 11th green. So he pulls out his sand wedge and takes a swing at the ball only to hit something metallic underneath. Being curious, he digs away the sand only to find what looks like Aladin's Lamp. It's kind of dirty, so he takes out his golf towel to clean it off. All of a sudden... POOF! ... a genie apears from the lamp and says,

"Sir, you have freed me from the lamp! For this I will grant you 3 wishes!"

The man thinks for a moment and says, "You know, I have everything I could possibly want. Give the wishes to someone else." He quickly putts out and leaves for the 12th tee.

The genie is flabergasted. "To think that someone in this world could feel so fulfilled that he could pass up not just 1 but 3 wishes! I know what I'll do. To reward him, I'll grant him 3 things without him knowing. Now lets see. What does every man want? Money! He will have all the money he can use. Power! Every man wants that. And what else? ... Sex! All that he wants."

A couple of weeks later the man is coming toward the 11th green and there is the genie - sunning himself in the trap.

Genie: (feeling smug) "Hey. How's it going?"

Man: "Couldn't be better. Last week I raised over $1,000,000 and gave the most spellbinding and effective talk of my life. It looks like I'm gaining more influence among my peers and superiors. Things are great."

Genie: "If you don't mind me asking, how's your sex life?"

Man: "It's great. I've had two women in the last two weeks."

Genie: (looking puzzled) "TWO women? That's not very good!"

Man: "It is if you're a priest in a small parish!"

Jeff David

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