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Plumber's Joke

(heard it, chuckle, sexual)

A plumber hobbles down the road in a cast and meets a friend.

"How did you break your leg?" asked the friend

"It's like this," he replied:

"This guy had promised his wife that he would fix the sink plumbing on a
particular day.  That day, he realized he would need to stay late at
work, so he called me.  I stopped by the man's office for the house key,
and went to work.

"When the wife got home, she saw my bottom half protruding from the sink
cabinet.  She assumed it was her husband, and proceeded to
remove my trousers and give me some, ... intimate attention.

"Then the phone rang, and the woman left to answer it.  When she returned, she
angrily said, *That was my husband on the phone...who are YOU?*

"I was startled, so when I got up to reply, I bumped my head and was
knocked out.  The woman pulled me out, and must have fastend my trousers
and called an ambulance.

"When the medics were carrying me out, they asked what had taken place.
When I told them, they laughed so hard that they dropped me.  That's when
I broke my leg!"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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