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More from the One-liner Digest (Funny Guy)
(smirk, swearing, heard it, offense=almost everyone)

What follows are the latest entries in the one-liner file. These are jokes which are funny, but which didn't really warrant posting separately. I post such a digest whenever I have enough entries to warrant it. Particularly selective readers will probably not enjoy the digests, and may want to killfile RHF jokes with "Digest" in the title - ed.

= = = = = = =
>From: (Jason)
>Subject: Hooters Application

Have you heard about the Hooters application process?
They hand the girls a bra and say "Fill this out."

= = = = = = =
>From: (JP Vossen)
>Subject: Fish Flatulence

One of the winners of the 2004 Ig Nobel awards [1] was a study that
herrings apparently communicate by farting [2]. Well. Talk about the
possibilities for verbal diarrhea...

= = = = = = =
>From: (Vincent J. Murphy)
>Subject: Florida Hurricanes

I've heard that after the recount, Florida was really only
hit by one hurricane this season.

= = = = = = =
>From: (Mark H. Kijima)
>Subject: News Media & Politics

I know a lot of you believe that most people in the news business are
liberal. Let me tell you I know a lot of them, and they were almost
evenly divided this time. Half of them liked Sen. Kerry; the other half
hated President Bush.

Andy Rooney - CBS News 11/07/04

= = = = = = =
>From: (Philip Lewis)
>Subject: Misleading advertising

I just received a spam today:

Subject: New! Viagra soft tabs.

Isn't that a contradiction?

= = = = = = =
>From: (John Aycock)
>Subject: cellular organisms

A friend was telling me about his new cell phone, and how
long the batteries lasted.

I said, "I hate it when my batteries have a better life than I do."

= = = = = = =
>From: (Ben Combee)
>Subject: A Brief Thought About Our Incoming Secretary of State

A one-word description of America's foreign policy for the next four years:

= = = = = = =
>From: (Jarett Weintraub)
>Subject: Know your audience

I've noticed that the website for the Alzheimer's Association is D'ya think they keep it that short so it's easy to

= = = = = = =
>From: (skribe)
>Subject: Bad Headline Day

Catholics pray for gravely ill pope.

-- Headline, The West Australian, 2nd April 2005.

I guess it worked. They got one.

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