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How to deal with spam from China (Bill Horne)
(smirk, Internet)

[submitter's note: my brother-in-law is a world-class spam fighter, and he sent this along for my amusement. I'm sharing it with his permission.]

The government just ordered all ISPs in China to start monitoring email for subversive phrases and the like, so I started replying to Chinese spam with little replies of the form at the end of this spam. Might be a useful tactic on companies who think that unsolicited email is "just regular advertising."


"Jack(export manager)" wrote:
> Dear Sir
> How are you .
> We are a lighting factory in China ,It is glad
> to introduce ourselves to you:
> I am XUBIN (Jack) , XUBIN is my chinese name , you can just
> call me Jack !! , I am export manager of [deleted] ,
> China, our group have four factory
> Here is our company profile :

[Rest of sales talk snipped]

(And now, the reply)

Thank you for your coded order. The weapons and ammunition will ship by way of the usual route in ten days, and you already know our secret Swiss bank account number to wire the payment to.

It is a pleasure doing business with you for so long, and I hope your cause will prevail. I am new to this particular computer, so I hope the encryption is working and the monitoring authorities cannot read what I am sending you.

Long live the Falun Gong! Free Tibet!

Best regards, Your arms supplier

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