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Khan musings (Thomas A. Fine)
(smirk, SPOILERS, rot13)

I have a toddler, so I'll probably get to see ST:Nemesis around the time we achieve warp technology. But hey, I can daydream about my favorite ST movie ("Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan," of course), so I started to think about why it was such a unique, original film, and why there'd never be anything else like it. Here's my thoughts on the subject, in no particular order.

Obviously, the primal conflict between the Captain and his foe is central to the success of the story. When the bad guy has an obsessive grudge with the good guy, coupled with a desire to build his own empire, this really raises the stakes.

Epic space battle scenes are always good. But throwing in a cool-looking space phenomemon that alters the battle strategy is the icing on the cake.

Father-son tension really gives the Captain a chance to be introspective about his own past.

If the enemy's past involves being left for dead on a hostile planet, it certainly adds to his character development. Ditto for being a genetically modified outcast.

An illegally developed technology that can destroy an entire planet, while leaving it ready for future development is a nice way to spice up the story, as well as being an excuse to have some cool effects.

Any movie where someone is hanging on for dear life, and they get kicked in the face until they plummet to their death, that's a cool movie (or was that scene from "The Search for Spock"?).

Still, I have to say that having Mr Brains die, but only after dumping his memory into convenient sequel storage, seems like a cop out to me. I say, if you're going to kill off a major character, really kill him off.

Well, I do hope I get to see ST:Nemesis before my son is in college, but now you can see why I'm sure it could never be compared to Khan.

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