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Scooter injuries
AT&T Worldnet

>Thousands Reported Injured in Scooter Mishaps
> WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The commuting accessory of the
>moment, the lightweight fold-up scooter, has sent more than 9,400
>Americans to emergency rooms this year ...
> .... Nearly 90 percent of injuries reported for this year
> involved children under15 years of age ...

For the sake of safety, especially for children, we need to pass the following new laws:

1. Permit needed for purchasing scooters.
2. Mandatory waiting period before purchasing a scooter.
3. Background check needed for scooter purchasers.
4. Minimum age requirement.
5. No sale of scooters at trade shows.
6. Wheel locks per scooter required at sale.
7. Registration of all Scooter owner required.
8. Carrying and operating license required for scooters.
9. Manufactures of scooters pay for hospital costs or be sued by the cities.
10. Advertisements for scooters aimed at children should be forbidden.
11. Scooter manufactures should be paid not to produce Scooters.
12. Export of scooters to China or other third world countries encouraged.

A Scooter Control Advocate

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