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Bill Gates Wealth Index Supplemental (Brad Templeton)
(topical, chuckle)


A couple of years ago, I wrote for RHF one of its most reproduced comedic essays, the "Bill Gates Wealth Index." The needs-updating version of it can be found at

This article and excerpts ended up being reprinted in Upside, Harper's, and without attribution (the scuzzbags) in the Wall Street Journal and Reader's Digest, spreading RHF the old-fashioned paper way.

In the article, I observed how the vast difference between Bill's net worth and a more typical middle class American (still about 500,000 to 1) could really put things into perspective. For example, while you might think a brand new Lambourghini Diablo would cost $250,000, to Bill it would be 50 cents.

Because of this difference, I've been told that when Bill plays poker in Las Vegas, he goes to the $15-$30 tables, since there really is no difference to him between those and the $500-$1000 tables of the high rollers. To him, it's all just Monopoly(R) Money.

And then I realized that a federal judge has in fact ruled this to be the case...

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