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Y2K Bunker Manual Excerpt (Brad Templeton)
(topical, original, smirk)

I wonder if the manuals for Y2K survivalists said something like this...
- - - - -

Once you and your family enter your Y2K bunker on Dec 30, you will want to tune to broadcasts using your reinforced TV antenna to track the course of the Y2K bug. Do not rely on cable based systems, which are sure to fail. Here's what to do based on what you see.

A) Worst Case

The likely scenario is the total collapse of world civilization as logistic systems break down. TV and radio may go entirely off the air. In this event, prepare for at least 4 months in your bunker. Ration your food and water. Once TV goes out, venture out, heavily armed, to check out the situation. Avoid leading looters to your bunker. After civilization is partly restored, you can trade using the resources you stockpiled listed in chapter 3.

B) Best Case

If only minor problems occur, social collapse may be brief. Society may get back on its feet in as little as two weeks. In this case, continue to arm yourself, but offer limited amounts of your supplies generously to your neighbours. Use what you stockpiled to help rebuild society. You'll be a respected hero to those around you.

C) Takeover case

If TV reports effectively zero problems due to Y2K, use extreme caution. The chance of there being no actual Y2K bugs is so small that it's more likely that broadcast stations and local institutions have been taken over by forces of the United Nations New World Order, and that they are broadcasting fake propaganda tapes showing business as usual to control the population. If TV reports no Y2K problems, DO NOT BE FOOLED.

STAY IN YOUR BUNKER as long as your supplies will last with heavy rationing. If parties come to your bunker pretending all is well, arm yourself, and SHOOT TO KILL if necessary.

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