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Picture Jokebook Cover. The Internet Jokebook (Now just $9.95) contains the very best jokes from the early years of rec.humor.funny, the edited USENET newsgroup devoted to comedy. rec.humor.funny postings are the most widely read material on the internet today.

Each day, an estimated 450,000 readers send the latest (and not so latest) jokes to the editor of rec.humor.funny, who picks the best one or two to send out back to the audience. During the first 6 years, the editor/moderator was Brad Templeton. Each year, he gathered together the best from that year into a jokebook. The original books contained the best 50% of each year, and The Internet Jokebook contains the top 20% from those books.

These jokebooks are the ideal jokebooks for internet nerds, computer users and all technology lovers, and they aren't bad for the general public either. About 40% of the material relates to computers, science or technology, and the other material -- ranging from the tame to the quite raunchy -- was all selected for the educated, technical audience.

We think the book is also a great gift for the nerd in your life, especially if that's you.

Be sure to also visit the rec.humor.funny home page.

Some of the original TeleJokebook Series is still available, and the full archives up to June of 1993 are available on CD-ROM as part of The 1993 Hugo and Nebula Anthology.


  • Introduction -- including an explanation of the net and the story of the banning of rec.humor.funny.
  • Chapter 1 -- Computer, Science and internet jokes
  • Chapter 2 -- Early Internet Comedy: The best of the early years
  • Chapter 3 -- Topical Jokes: Politics and the news
  • Chapter 4 -- Later Internet Comedy: More of the best
  • Chapter 5 -- True News: Funny real life events and stories


The Internet Jokebook, edited by Brad Templeton, published in quality trade paperback format, is $9.95. Contact RTC Books/Anna Books (which bought Peer-to-peer publishing) for quantity orders (Tell them you heard about it here).

How to order the Internet Jokebook

Check out your favorite bookseller. If your bookseller doesn't have it (shame on them, since they probably have 2,326 other books with Internet in the title, none of which are nearly as funny), they can get it from Anna Books Or you can order it from Amazon.com

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