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TeleJokeBooks: rec.humor.funny annuals

Note: I'm no longer doing single-orders of the jokebooks. I will take bookstore orders. Ask the big online bookstores to consider carrying them. They do carry The Internet Jokebook

Volume I: Contains 1987 and 1988, over 700 jokes + 14 cartoons. Light Bulb jokes, Purity Test & More

Volume II: Contains 1989, over 500 jokes + description of attempts to ban newsgroup (printed versions no longer available)

Volume III: Contains 1990, over 500 jokes + new "True News" chapter.

Volume IV: Contains 1991, plus special "Iraq War" chapter.

Visit the rec.humor.funny home page.

CD-ROM: Contains Volumes 1 through 4, plus all the jokes to June of 1993 in plain ASCII format, with searching tools under Windows and the Mac, and raw files available for other systems. This disk also contains all the 1993 Hugo nominees (5 full text novels) and the Nebula short fiction and a ton of other stuff. Full details on it are available. NEW: The Internet Jokebook a compilation of the best of the first four volumes and more.

All books contain 2 chapters of general jokes, plus chapters of Computer & Science jokes, topical humour, Usenet jokes, Classic jokes and Nasty, evil jokes.

How to order the TeleJokeBooks worldwide

Single orders are no longer being taken. With luck a bookstore or other house will pick up this task.


All prices are in U.S. dollars.
  • Volume IV (1991): $9.95
  • Volume III (1990): $9.95
  • Volume I (1987 and 1988): $13.00
Or order the "Electric Science Fiction" Hugo and Nebula Anthology CD-ROM. Both a full version and a separate TeleJokeBook version are available. This is now the only way to get Volume II.

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