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What's with the ad banners

You have noticed the recent appearance of text ads on the RHF web pages. On jokes they appear on the bottom, and on the index pages at the top.

We were using Link Exchange, which one day decided to cut the site off because, believe it or not, it had too much traffic, even though it's a 100% legit -- just busy -- site.

We are now using sponsorship via Google. These text ads are generated by Google through an automated system that offers ads related to the text of what you are reading. Because this is a site full of jokes, this system can't be entirely accurate, and in fact it's sometime amusing to see the matchups.

You should not consider the appearance of an ad on a page to be an endorsement of the joke by the advertiser. In fact, the advertisers have no idea what pages they are appearing on, and we have no idea what ads will appear. If you se an ad on a page with a joke you think is {it highly} offensive, let us know. (Most jokes are mildly offensive, but we don't consider them so bad as to worry about on a site well marked as devoted to jokes.)

We do get compensated when readers see a link of interest to them and click on it. It's a material world.

The site is still free due to the funds and efforts of Brad Templeton and Jim Griffith.

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