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Rec.humor.funny image posting survey page

The Survey Results have been tabulated, so further input is not required. You can read the results.

As you know, we tried an experimental posting of an image in RHF. Please let us know how it came out for you.

Your Newsreader Other: Additional Version Info:
or check here if you read news with this browser.

How did the image turn out? (check all that apply)

  • It displayed fine in the newsreader.
  • The newsreader invoked a browser, which displayed the image fine.
  • The newsreader invoked a browser, but image display failed.
  • It did not display, but I could click on the link to visit the page.
  • I was able to click on the stub to see the image.
  • I was able to cut and paste the URL from the newsreader to call up the page in my browser.
  • I read offline, so I could not see the image while reading.
  • I read with a shell account so I can't call up images.
  • Other:

How do you feel about image based comedy and cartoons in RHF?
  • Great, let's have more!
  • Ok, but keep them small and funny
  • Neutral
  • I prefer not, but just label them so I can avoid reading them.
  • Hate them.

Aside from how you feel about the question of images, how do you rate the cartoon of Darth Darth Binks? (enter a number from -5 to +5, where blank is "haven't seen Star Wars 1", 0 is neutral, -5 is the least funny thing you've ever seen and 5 is roll on the floor:

This article on RHF was done with a very short item containing links to the graphic, and two versions (a plain text one first, and an HTML one second) to accomodate the needs of most newsreaders cleanly.

However, it's also possible to put the graphics actually IN the article in MIME style, and the web-browser based readers will display them right there, fetching them locally rather than from our central server. However, users of newsreaders not able to handle mime attachments would need to run other tools to extract the image, or visit a web page -- or simply not read the articles, which would of course be marked. What do you think should be done?

  • Yes, put images directly in posting (if small)
  • Put images in posting, but also include other parts with link to web site
  • Prefer they be links, and not be put in posting
  • I told you, I don't like images at all!
By the way, I have also written a technical examination of image posting in USENET which examines the various methods and issues.

Place any other comments you have here:

Thanks for participating in this survey.

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