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The best humor pages on the net

Many people create Web pages just to have fun. We've selected some of the most funny and entertaining Web pages we've seen for your own entertainment.

  • The Onion - a weekly satirical newspaper
  • The Top Ten List from the Late Show with David Letterman.
  • mathNews - The University of Waterloo Faculty of Mathematics Student Newspaper. Check out The Humour Zone section of any issue.
  • Useless WWW Pages - from the trite to the sublime, this lists 'em all. We personally recommend checking out those pages which were noted in The First Annual Useless Pages Awards - such as the "Find the Spam" web page.
  • The EFF Humor Archive - a collection of many net.classics, including Godwin's Law, mouse balls, and "If an O/S Ran Your Airline".
  • The Toxic Custard Workshop Files
  • The LaughWEB - a well-organized joke archive, complete with rating system
  • The Yahoo Comedy Index is there if you just can't get enough.
  • The Mike Rosoff Network
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