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You need to have your web browser set up to read USENET newsgroups before using these links.
The grand-daddy of the comedy groups (successor to the original net.jokes), high volume, lots of noise.
Supposed to be for comment on postings from other comedy groups, but not used that often, alas. The official place for public commentary on rec.humor.funny.
A collective system. to allow people to write silly questions and get back silly answers from randomly selected volunteers. Works much better than you would think. Moderated. Discussion in rec.humor.oracle.d.
alt.comedy hierarchy
Several groups devoted not to jokes but to the fandom or business of comedy. (Note that this multi-group link does not work in all web browsers.) Other fandom groups include rec.arts.comics.strips.
A newsgroup where people who see something funny on the internet forward it for enjoyment by others. Usually for "found" comedy but it has deliberate comedy too. Since anybody can submit, quality varies a lot.
Similar to the above, but meant for USENET postings. In fact, there is confusion between the groups. This one is moderated, however.
Discussion of postings in the above group.
An open joke group that gains popularity from the instant attention tasteless jokes get.
One of many regional joke newsgroups (for Australia), perhaps the oldest. You may find there is a joke or comedy newsgroup in your own local newsgroup hierachy, however you need to search that yourself.
A group devoted to limericks. There are so many of these that they usually do not appear in rec.humor.funny.
A group devoted to puns. Frankly, we think making simple puns is too easy, and so puns rarely make it to rec.humor.funny. If you need to read them, including the dreaded run-on-puns (long followup chains), read this group.
In this newsgroup, anything goes. Some of it's funny. Some of it's tedious. But it's always bizarre.

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