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[Cartoon of a court jester, sitting at a terminal, typing 'So two guys walk into a bar...']

Welcome to the rec.humor.funny web site. Rec.humor.funny started in 1987 as a USENET newsgroup and quickly became the most widely read publication on the net.

Each day, the hundreds of thousands of members E-mail in the lastest jokes they have heard. The editor picks only the best, usually one joke out of 10, and posts it.

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Q: How many teamsters does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Twelve. Ya got a problem with that?
Q: Why did the FBI have so many problems testing the stain on Monica Lewinsky's dress?
A: All the people from Arkansas have the same D.N.A.

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Why is it free?

Rec.humor.funny has been run as a volunteer effort since it was created by Brad Templeton in 1987. He personally supports the web site. The continuing donated efforts of the current editor, Jim Griffith, along with former moderator Maddi Hausmann Sojourner, along with the support of Brad Templeton keep this site entirely free. Recently we joined the Link Exchange to tell more people about the site.

Some day this may turn into a business, and make money from ads like the rest of the web, but for now it's entirely free. We hope you enjoy it.

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