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Where do you want to be (mis)directed today? (Erwin Mascardo)
(original, smirk)

My wife recently went on a business trip, and in filling out her expense report, she noted that she could claim the mileage to and from the airport. My first attempt at using MapQuest to calculate the distance failed, so I tried Microsoft Expedia Maps. After the shock wore off, my only regret was that my wife couldn't really claim this mileage figure, as we had no way to prove that we'd spent 9 days driving to Newfoundland and back. Highlights from the Microsoft-generated directions follow:

Laurel, Maryland

To: Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Maryland

Driving Distance: 5865.1 miles

Time: 9 day(s) 3 hour(s) 22 minute(s)

Driving Directions

Time Instruction

0:00 Depart Laurel, Maryland 1:01 Entering Delaware 1:17 Entering New Jersey 3:24 Entering New York 3:51 Entering Connecticut 5:51 Entering Massachusetts 7:29 Entering New Hampshire 7:44 Entering Maine 12:20 Entering New Brunswick 20:20 Take the North Sydney-Argentia Ferry 34:32 Entering Newfoundland 36:35 Turn left onto Local road(s) (4543.1 mi) 219:22 Arrive Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Maryland

I guess when Microsoft asks "Where do you want to go today?" that *how* you get there isn't always important...

(A subsequent attempt at MapQuest gave the correct figure of 16.5 miles.)

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