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Microsoft to shorten name (Greg Smith)
(smirk, original, computers)

Microsoft today announced that it will be changing its name
to "Moft" -- which will clear up space on user's hard disks.
It is estimated that a typical Windows 95 installation
contains about 2,800,000 copies of the word "Microsoft",
in copyright notices, end-user licence agreements, 'About'
screens, etc. So, after the change, a user will have about 14
MBytes more disk space. Stock prices of hard-disk manufacturers
dipped slightly after the announcement.

"Well, the programs will take up less space on the user's
disk," said Bill Gates, CEO of Moft. "But we have never
cared about that. The change will allow us to ship Windows
95 on 13 disks instead of 14, thus saving about $50 million
a year in media costs. We are also looking at shortening 
the names of some of our software products; for instance
'The Microsoft Exchange' may be changed to 'The Moft Pit'.

Gates added that the junior programmer who discovered the
potential savings has been rewarded with a free copy of
'Moft Off for Moft Win 95'.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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