Diamond Necklace

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I heard this a long time ago: Friday evening around 7:30. A young couple enters a jewelery store. He, average looking, well dressed, She, DROP-DEAD Beautiful, BUILT! They walk up to the necklace counter and start brousing.(she is giggling constantly, he's looking bored) Shortly a clerk walks up to them and asks if she can be of assistance. The conversation went as follows: He: "Yes, do you have anything GOOD?" Clerk: "OH, Yes!" (she starts to reach for a good looking piece in the display case) He: "Hold on.. Let's save some time. Show me the BEST diamond necklace that you have on the premeses." Clerk: "Um, Yes Sir, I'll have to get the manager, it's in the safe." He: "I'll wait." She: (looks like a VERY happy puppy) Manager: (coming from the back with a box) "Sir, this is the best in the house." (he opens the box, there is a price tag of $23,000.00 on the necklace) She: (gasp!) (melt) He: (to she) "Would you like to try it on?" She: (nod vigorously) He: "Do you like it?" She: (*KISS*) He: "I'll take it. You *DO* take personal checks don't you?" Manager: "Um, yes sir, but, being as this is friday and the banks have closed. I can not release the necklace until I've verified funds. You could pick it up Monday around noon." He: "Fine." She: (*KISS*,*KISS*,*KISS*) Monday rolls around and the young man returns to the store. Manager: "YOU! HOW DARE YOU SHOW YOUR FACE!" He: "I know, I'm here to collect the check." Manager: "HERE! Now get out!" He: "Oh, One other thing." Manager: "What." He: "I'd like to thank you for the BEST weekend of my LIFE!" ------------------------------------------------------------------ David Pratt - david@shakala.com Shakala BBS (ClanZen Radio Network) Sunnyvale, CA 408-734-2289

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