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Job Interview pointers.... (david d `zoo' zuhn)
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(original, chuckle)

I was on the interviewer side of a job interview for the first time a
few days ago, and in preparation I asked many people for help and
advice.  I received a set of sample questions from a best friend in a
previous life.  

All credit or blame for the following truly belong to Brian R. Smith
(, and is reproduced here by permission:

   "How do you work in a team situation when all the other team
   members are fools and idiots?"

   "How well do you program under the influence of hard drugs?"

   "Have you ever beaten or killed a co-worker?"

   "Give me a rough estimate of the maximum dollar amount that you've
   stolen from each of your previous employers."

   "Do you object to bullwhips in the workplace?"

   "Emacs or vi?"

   "You have a large network of Suns being used by secretaries for word
   processing in FrameMaker.  Which GNU packages would you install for
   your own entertainment, and how would you justify them later?"

   "You see a wounded puppy bleeding and whimpering on the side of the
   road while you're running to work to fix a downed computer that tens
   of users are waiting for.  Do you let the puppy die?"  "Why not?"

   "How much of your workday would you waste by reading news?"

   "Recite the GNU Manifesto."

   "How many clients (30% diskless, 60% dataless, 10% /var/spool/mail
   only) can a Sun 600MP server serve simultaneously, and what relation
   does this have to angels and pinheads?"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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