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Genuine Soviet Joke

ix200@sdcc6.UCSD.EDU (Bruce Jones)
U.C.S.D. Department of Communication

The well-known Soviet journalist Vladmir Pozner visited the UCSD
Department of Communication last week and talked with the faculty
and graduate students at lunch.  He told this joke:

One day a man walks into the hospital and tells the desk nurse that
he wants to see the eye/ear doctor.  "There is no such doctor" she
tells him.  "Perhaps he would like to see someone else?"  No, I 
need to see an eye/ear doctor he says.  But there is no such doctor, she
replies.  We have doctors for the eyes and doctors for the ear, nose
and throat, but no eye/ear doctor.  No help. He repeats, "I want to 
see the eye/ear doctor." They go around like this for a few minutes and 
then the nurse says: "Comrade, there is no eye/ear doctor, but if there 
were one, why would you want to see one? Because," he replies, "I keep 
hearing one thing and seeing another."


(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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