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Fun and irony with Google Maps in Washington, DC (Rich Chen)
(original, maybe, swearing, offense=many many people)

Google Maps is now available at Besides giving you locations and directions, you can perform searches on different topics, so are some searches and top results in Washington, DC:

"joke" yields George W Bush, American Associates of Physicists in Medicine (click here to see for yourself:

anarchy: President of the United States, Watergate East, Public Health Foundation, District of Columbia Public Relations

assholes: Evans Novak Political Report, Kenneth Starr

bankrupt: Planet Hollywood, Small Business Survival Committee, Better Business Bureau of Metro DC, Board on Professional Responsibility

beheading: Nothing But Doughnuts, Embassies of Armenia & Bulgaria, Unification Church of Washington

bezoar (hairball): Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

brothel: DC Government: System Administration

cocaine: National Security Archive, Embassy of Mexico

communists: Trilateral Commission, Embassies of Mongolia and Romania, National Home Equity Mortgage Association, American Red Cross, National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma, National Public Radio, American Free Press

crystal meth: Debtors Anonymous, National Associations Convenience Stores, Recording Industry Association of America

cunnilingus: Kenneth Starr, John Paul II Institute, Asian and Pacific Islander Partnership for Health, Embassy of Israel

distorted: Associated Press, American Library Association, Securities & Exchange Commission

dope: Capitol Hill Publishing, Embassy of Israel, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Conservative Caucus

dope fiend: Planet Hollywood, US China Policy Foundation

douchebags: National Peace Corps Association, Nader 2000, Democratic National Committee

drunkard: Citizens For A Sound Economy, Catholic News Service, American Society For Industrial Security

ecstacy: Virginia Tech Undergraduate Admissions, Catholic University Graduate Studies

fascists: BBC News, Associated Press, Embassy of Italy, Robert Dole, Human Rights Access

fellatio: Kenneth Starr, The Family Institute, American Association of University Professors

hypocrite: Americans for Tax Reform, National Indian Gaming Association, Senator Paul Sarbanes, Friends of the Earth

ignorant asshole: Christian Coalition, Consulate of Ecuador, Alexandria Public Schools - TC Williams High

imbecile: Nuclear Energy Institute, Bush Cheney 04, Association of Former Intelligence Officers, Democratic National Committee

liar: George W Bush, Embassy of Honduras

load of crap: Coalition To Stop Gun Violence, Commission On Presidential Debates, Council For A Liveable World Education Fund

lying sack of shit: The Board on Professional Responsibility, CNN, Commission of Presidential Debates, George W Bush

marijuana: Renewable Energy Policy Project, Executive Conference & Training Center at Tysons Corner, Comptroller of the Currency

miserable failure: George W Bush, NBC 4, Embassy of Australia

nymphomaniac: Embassy of Peoples Republic of China, The White House

oral sex: Xerox Corporation Government Sales, Employers Council on Flexible Compensation

orgasm: Migraine Awareness Group, DC Society of Young Professionals

orgy: New Democrat Network, Commission on Presidential Debates, Whole Foods Market, National Public Radio

putz: Club for Growth

prostitution: United Press International, Radio Free Europe, Americans For Our Heritage Recreation

psychotic: Dupont Clinical Research, Recording INdustry Association of America, CHurch of Scientology, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, The Endocrine Society

rotflmao (rolling on the floor laughing my ass off): Middle East Media & Research Institute, Georgetown Aveda Salon & Spa, Consumer Federation of America, American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Christian Action Council, Democratic National Committee, Bush Cheney 04, C-SPAN

rtfm (read the f'in manual): US Government Clerk's Office/Information, Embassy of Pakistan Army Navy & Air Attaches, UUNET Technologies

scrotum: Leather Rack, Statistical Assessment Service, Starbucks Coffee

sleazy: Planned Parenthood, Club For Growth, Public Citizen: Global Trade Watch

subterfuge: National Easter Seal Society, Youth Law Center, Robert Kennedy Memorial

turd: Arena Rotisserie Chicken, City of College Park Recreation Department

warped: Cisco Systems Gov't Affairs, Project for Excellence in Journalism, Federal Railroad Administration

weapons of mass destruction: The Fertilizer Institute, Physicians For Social Responsibility of Baltimore

worthless: Mail Boxes Etc, Citizens for Tax Justice, American Association for the Advancement of Science

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